Why Bob Reich believes our worst immorality is in the board room

Bob Reich, former Secretary of Labor to Pres. Clinton, is an economist and professor. Here he explains why he believes corporate board rooms are the source of America’s most threatening immorality.

The whole thing is well worth reading but here’s one good quote:

Americans are entitled to their own religious views about gay marriage, contraception, out-of-wedlock births, abortion, and God. We can be truly free only if we’re confident we can go about our private lives without being monitored or intruded upon by government, and can practice whatever faith (or lack of faith) we wish regardless of the religious beliefs of others…. But abuses of public trust such as we’ve witnessed for years on [Wall] Street and in the executive suites of our largest corporations are not matters of private morality. They’re violations of public morality. They undermine the integrity of our economy and democracy. They’ve led millions of Americans to conclude the game is rigged.

He concludes: It’s time once again to save capitalism from its own excesses — and to base a new era of reform on public morality and common sense.